WLXY Precision knife


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  • Packing : 1 Knife handle with blade + 5 pcs spare blades
  • This knife fine to handmade diy , Polymer clay crafts carving , Pumpkin carving , Pottery ceramics sculpting , Paper carving , Leather cutting sculpture , a good tools with 5 blades .
  • Craft Knife with Safety Cap. A Must Have Precision Cutting Hobby Knife for Art Set and Crafts Kit.
  • Utility Knife with Replaceable Razor Sharp Single Edge Blade. Premium Handle with Non Slip Grip for Smooth Cutting of Paper Cloth Thin Metal and More.
  • Of course it is a good knife for carving in Badge Making and wooden craft carving special for the Leather craft , Scrapbooking & Stamps carving .


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