SUNSHINE S-918L Plus Separator


SUNSHINE S-918L Plus 7-in-1 Straight Curved Screen Separator Can Rotate 360°Mobile Phone Heating Separation Screen Repair Tool
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Multifunctional Straight Curved Screen Separator

7 in 1 curved screen separator straight screen curved screen is universal, suitable for heating/separating/removing glue/removing frame/removing screen, etc.

360° rotating platform
strong suction
rapid heating
45° tilt
Do not choose models

360° rotating heating platform
Built-in high-precision bearings, 360 ° rotation without dead angle, different angles of operation, allowing you to split the screen more convenient heating platform rotary switch

Left and right 45° tilt adjustment
Tiltable panel, left and right slanted design, convenient for liquid medicine to flow into the left and right sides of the glue, unglue from the inside to the outside, the liquid medicine does not enter the cable, and solves the problem of liquid damage to the cable

Designed for dismantling the screen and dismantling the frame
Straight screen and curved screen are common in one machine, suitable for dismantling the middle frame/removing glue with frame/separating with frame/separating without frame, etc.


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