RELIFE RL-071B Optical Fingerprint Calibrator


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Relife RL-071B 4-in-1 optical fingerprint calibrator for Android Phones Huawei MI Oppo Vivo fingerprints repair. Relife RL-071B optical fingerprint calibrator used to solve mobile phone screen fingerprint failure. RL-071B fingerprint calibrator suitable for Huawei/MI/Oppo/Vivo to solve the fingerprints problem under the screen or poor input after screen replacement.

1. Solve the problem of the fingerprint display under the calibration screen cannot be recognized after the screen is changed.
2. Suitable for Huawei/Xiaomi/Op/Vi to solve the problem of the fingerprints under the screen or poor input.
3. Use with software/tutorials, easy to use, no cumbersome steps.
4. Solve the problem of screen fingerprint failure after the mobile phone is replaced.
5. 4 IN 1 fingerprint calibrator, no disassembly calibration, convenient and fast.
6. Easy to operate.
7. Quick calibration.
7. Small and portable.


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