MECHANIC iShort Max Mobile Phone Motherboard Short-Circuit Repairer Tool


MECHANIC iShort Max Short Killer Battery-free Boot Trigger Circuit Detector

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MECHANIC iShort Max Multi-function Short Killer Battery-free Boot One-key Trigger 6-ports Fast Charging Power Circuit Detector. Mechanic 3 IN 1 iShort Max short killer with boot shortkiller charging functions for phone repair.

1. 1 Second to trigger the boot, and the analog pointer ammeter will display the current in real time.
2. The intelligent burn-in function can quickly lock the leakage components according to the leakage of the components and the output current.
3. Charging function: 125W high-power USB/QC fast charging port, overcharge protection function, fast charging, no damage to the phone.
4. The three necessary maintenance functions are integrated.


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