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Product Description

1, Support a full range of Macbook fast charging from 2008 to 2021  2, Support the power meter to see the current, and help maintenance enthusiasts quickly judge the motherboard fault  3, Support the whole series of Macbook boards booting into the system (to solve the problem that the battery is not installed, the signal of “BATLOW” which leads to the problem of not starting the machine)  4, Support new fast charging and single-board startup with T2 chip and M1 chip (15.4 inch and 16 inch without battery connection, single-board boot into the system) 5. Add LCD digital display tube (when using the type-C cable, you can see the voltage input from the motherboard through the display tube) 6. The LCD on / off switch is mainly used to control the LCD nixie tube (when the T head or L head is used, the display of the LCD nixie tube can be turned off) 7. It has five protection functions of intelligent power supply (overcharge protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, constant temperature protection and short-circuit protection)


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